Mesa boogie dual rectifier схема

Недостаток такой конструкции – необходимость соединять платы между собой, а также гнезда и переключатели монтажными проводами. See the Marshall Arts 35th Anniversary page for more information on these 35th anniversary amps. JCM600’s The JCM600 amps were introduced in 1997, superceding the JTM60’s, and discontinued in 2000. Circuit wise the JCM600 amps were identical to the JTM60 amps. See Viva Analog’s Marshall Amps page for technical information on modding your Marshall. The heads retained their original model numbers, but the combo’s were given model numbers in the 4000 range. See the Marshall Arts JCM800 page for some more information on the JCM800 amps. See the Marshall Arts Silver Jubilee page for more information on these 25th anniversary amps.

The US distributor at that time (Unicord Inc.) decided to switch to 6550 output tubes in favor of the EL34’s. Too many Marshalls were coming back under warranty with defective output tubes. Photograph of a red JMP 2100 from 1976. 2103 JMP Master Volume Lead, 100W 2×12″ combo This amp was in production from 1976 up to 1981. This is a 2×12″ combo version of the 2203 head. These amps weren’t particularly good sounding or popular. Schematic, (Marshall, 1986). Photograph of a 5205. 5210, 50W 1×12″ combo The 5210 was introduced in 1981 and it was discontinued in 1991. This combo is the transistorised version of the 4210 combo.

Most of the time Marshall used Chinese Shuguang 12AX7’s in these amps. Owners manual for the 4210 (3.8MB). Thanx to John Walker. Комбоусилитель Mark IV Mesa/Boogie — американская компания, занимающаяся производством усилителей и кабинетов для электрогитар и бас-гитар, а также комплектующих и аксессуаров.[1] Была основана Рэндаллом Смитом (англ. Поверните после пешеходного перехода налево и идите до проходной со шлагбаумом. These mini stack cabinets were fitted with two Celestion G12 Vintage speakers.

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